Introduction to Stone Cutting machine

Cheshi is in the portable version, the synthesis except the workbench already has, all stone-based blocks.

But it does not include cobblestone, Stone, Cheshi, and furnaces. The Cheshi is the same as the workbench in the portable version, which shows how to synthesize an object and is synthesized when you click the Object Composition button. So far, more than 20 blocks can be synthesized inside the stone cutting machine.

At present, the block has not been divided into two data categories, so just like carrying the box and workbench, Cheshi can not yet be used in creative mode. Cheshi doesn't have everything turned on to turn off the animation, and there's no sound effect. However, it is possible to include these things in subsequent updates. The stone cutting machine will only take up the size of a block and can be placed adjacent to any block. However, it is not actually confirmed that the stone cutting machine will be deleted or changed. At present, the role of Cheshi is to reduce the number of synthetic projects in the workbench.

Unless Mattis is reformed, he will always be there.


The stone cutting machine was synthesized from four cobblestone.

However, because you need to mine cobblestone with a pickaxe, you still need at least one workbench.

A synthetic item

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Time : 2020-05-14
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