Technical equipment of stone machinery

The development of stone machinery is very rapid, the new technology, new equipment endless. such as the processing of granite sand saw, has been developed to the processing of 7m wide, at the same time clamping 4 pieces of standard waste material, with 230 saw blades, 24h can be processed 3500m2 efficiency of the model; mining granite Rope saw machine and diamond bead Rope technology has matured, began to bulk into the mine, special-shaped stone processing equipment to diversify,

Multi-model direction development, with a variety of tools to promote the use of stone Processing center, for product innovation to provide a means; The introduction and application of stone CAD design software provides a variety of forms and patterns for the decoration of stone.

Stone ultra-thin, oversized equipment has also been developed, so that the specification size of new products more suitable for decoration requirements, new and convenient stone decoration machinery, tools are more widely used in decoration site.

Stone cleaning, protection, bonding machinery has become a new application field of stone chemistry, synthetic stone production equipment has been localized, promote the use of resources, but also promote the use of synthetic stone in the field of development.

Time : 2020-05-14
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