Features Of Large Mobile Stone Cutting Machine:

1, the whole machine to strengthen steel structure, better rigidity, more durable, industrial grade 3KW motor, more powerful power, the use of brand original motor (full copper wire), longer service life, oversized cutting capacity. The use of 4 Swedish imported bearings, 2 imported oil seals, more stable and durable!

2, It can cut 1200mm long tiles, can do straight cut, 45 degree chamfering, diagonal cutting, grinding edge, grinding straight edge, Kaiping groove, open anti-skid groove (can open 4 anti-skid groove at the same time), internal 45 degrees chamfering, external 45 degrees chamfering, begonia angle and other processing technology, to achieve a variety of functions as a whole. Large mobile stone cutting machine using cast iron plate processing process made of the work table, permanent non-deformation, V-type rail design, cutting more accurate. The nose can be moved vertically, horizontally and arbitrarily, and can rotate the angle for easy operation. Mainly for small specifications, small batches of tiles, stone cutting, trimming, grooving, chamfering, grinding round edge. The cost of investment in this machine is low.

Time : 2020-05-14
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