Preparation Of Large Mobile Stone Cutting Machine Before Use

The work space should be cleaned. 

2.To ensure a moderate environment, do not use in flammable and explosive places, work to maintain a certain brightness. 

3.Children must not be exposed to the machine and should be kept out of reach of children when idle. 

4.Do not use external pressure to deform the machine to lose precision and safety. 

5.When cutting, the tool should not be placed on the working surface to prevent the tool from touching the rotating blade. 

6.Do not be too loose overalls, long hair must be shrouded in the work cap, the soles should be anti-skid. 7.* Bring dust-proof glasses to prevent safety incidents. 

8.Unqualified wires should not be used, let alone pull wires. 

9.When operating the foot to stand firm, the body should basically maintain a balance. 

10.Sharp tools can * play the performance of the machine, so the tool should be maintained properly. 

11.Do not use for a long time, the rotation of the place to add lubricating oil. 

12.Cable should be checked regularly to prevent damage to be replaced and repaired in a timely manner. 13. Keep the handle dry and don't get oiled.

Time : 2020-05-14
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