Unique Advantages Of Fully Automatic Electric Stone Cutting Machine

First, the national certification of patented products, is the first and only vertical slotting machine, compared with the general horizontal slotting machine, in a number of levels have shown incomparable huge leading edge;

Second, fast: a one-time completion of four short slots, 10 hours easy slot 4,800, seconds to kill all similar products, one machine at the most ordinary machine, in the fast to meet the needs of the slotted, but also to save a lot of labor costs and time costs;

Third, fine: the precision of slotted is extremely high, and is currently * can be on a plate at the same time open two kinds of width short groove slot machine, so that stone installation more accurate, more convenient, faster;

Four, labor-saving: In the vertical slot machine put stone, than the horizontal slotting machine labor-saving 70%, just put on the stone can be, no flip, no artificial propulsion, stone groove completely effortless, processing efficiency is extremely high;

Five, simple: The machine uses a patented waterproof motor and cylinder power to enter, only one handle can complete all operations, easy to solve the grooving problem, will be simple and convenient to play to the extreme; 

Automatic Electric stone cutting machine line is uniform from beginning to end, continuous, clear, is the key to cut the ceramic tile, the knife wheel is made of tungsten carbide superhard alloy, its hardness far exceeds the surface hardness of the tile, so, as long as with a small force down pressure, easy and smooth forward push the handle, you can draw a cutting line on the tile surface, Excessive force underline not only makes the cutting line into a jagged shape, the tile edge will appear uneven section, but also will make the blade of the blade collapse, greatly shorten the normal service life of the knife wheel. The new tile cutting machinery is simple to operate, environmentally friendly, clean, convenient, professional, accurate, high quality and efficient. Features: No water, no electricity, no dust, no noise, 3-5 seconds to successfully cut a tile. Manual tile Cutting Machine does not use electricity, no dust, no noise, low loss. In this era of environmental protection, more and more construction personnel are aware of the serious harm caused by the new dust tile cutting machine to their own health, as well as the huge impact of noise on the environment.

Time : 2020-05-14
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